Hurricane Ian | Frequently Answered Questions

  • The rumor that Dunes is on NCH grid is not true. We were lucky that power was restored after 29 hours for Hurricane Irma.
  • The building generators supply power to only the elevators, garage doors and emergency lighting.
  • The Club has an emergency generator. The club is not an area where you can ride out the storm but you can seek relief after the storm passes.
  • Use caution before exiting the building. There might be loose roof tile and landscape debris
  • Limit water consumption for pets as you may not be able to walk them immediately after the storm has passed.
  • Island towers and Sea Grove windows if original, are not impact glass. With Irma we experienced falling tile breaking windows. If upgraded to cat 3 or 4 management will have a place in the Grande Preserve for you to ride out the storm. If you wish to stay in place, please move to an interior room with no windows.
  • Island towers and Sea Grove front entrance doors - With Irma we experienced water intrusion. If home, please place towels at the bottom of the door.
  • Secure and lock all windows and doors, including sliding doors.