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      Men's 3.5 Tennis   

      The Dunes Men’s 3.5 team was one of four teams competing in the Collier Tennis Association Winter Playoff at Longshore Lake on Monday March 18, 2019.

      The Dunes played Heritage Bay in round 1 with the winner advancing to the championship round.

      All 4 courts were close with the Dunes winning on courts 3 and 4 but losing on courts 1 and 2. Since both teams won 2 courts the winner was determined by least games lost across the four courts. Heritage Bay lost 2 fewer games than the Dunes to advance to the championship round.

      Heritage Bay went on to defeat Cambier Canes to win the CTA championship.

      The Dunes then played Longshore Lake in round 2 to determine 3rd and 4th place. The Dunes and Longshore Lake each won two courts but Longshore Lake lost 1 fewer game than the Dunes to capture 3rd place.

      The Dunes Men’s 3.5 team had a great season and a competitive playoff run coming very close to getting into the championship round.  

      I’m proud of the way our team handled itself throughout the season. We had fun, built excellent teamwork and had the opportunity to play competitive tennis!


       - Steve Pettit, Dunes Men’s 3.5 Team Captain 

      Men's 3.0 Tennis

      Despite ending the regular season with a very solid 4-0 sweep over Vasari, The Dunes 3.0 Men's Tennis Team narrowly missed the playoffs.  We ended another great season with an outstanding 8-1 record, but unfortunately Vanderbilt (who we didn't play) achieved the same record and won 56 sets during the whole season verses our 55 sets. It can't get any closer.

      Congratulations to Pelican Marsh Aces, who won our division with an unbeaten 9-0 record, and we all know how close our game was against them !

      Playing on Court 1, for the first time as 3.0's, Dorshort & Garon, overpowered their opponents and won both sets pretty easily, 0 & 1.

      Erario & Scharff played together again, this time on Court 2, and produced another very solid match, winning in straight sets. They got off to a fast start and won the first set 6-3. The second set was tighter, going back & forth before Rich & Bob powered their way through the second set tiebreaker.

      Horowitz & MacLeod also moved up a court to play on 3, and deservedly achieved the same result in a competitive match that was settled by a strong comeback that won them the third set, 10 point tie breaker and the match.

      For the season, playing together Harvey and Andy built up a 7-0 record.

      On Court 4 we had the 'two lobby Larry's', Cranfill & Metzing, playing.  In another competitive match, each team one a set before our guys ran away with the third set, 10 point tie breaker.

      Defeating Vasari and winning all 4 courts was a great way to end our season.  The whole team achieved what we set out to do.   So it's disappointing that our effort wasn't quite enough to get us in the Playoffs.

      Regardless, our Men's 3.0 Tennis Team put together a very successful season and should feel very proud of a great 8-1 record.   All 11 players on our roster have contributed to this season's many victories.  I know winning matters, but at the same time we have achieved an equally important goal of building solid camaraderie and commendable team behavior.   

      Congratulations and let's do better next season !

      - Tony Hepworth 

      Men's 2.5 Tennis

      Today was a great day for Dunes Tennis as the 2.5 men’s tennis team won the playoffs!! It was very exciting as all four teams had very strong lineups and came to play hard. The first match was against Lighthouse Bay.

      On court #1 Murray/Seling started strong going up 2-0, before falling behind 2-3. They then found their stride and won 5 straight games winning 7-3.
      On Court #2 Lang/Reichenbach ran into a very tough team as they lost 2-7. Lighthouse Bay played very aggressively and pushed the baseline hard. This was their first loss this year.
      On court #3 Caulk/Lore were unbelievable as they won 7-0!! This was one of the finest sets played this year. Great court presence and timely shot making was the key!

      In the championship round we played the Rapallo Raptors.

      On Court #1 Murray/Seling dominated the number 1 team in the league 7-0. They were relentless in there quest as the won 12 games in a row!!
      On Court #2 Lang/Reichenbach won when their opponent retired due to an injury. They would have won anyway as they had won 3 straight games. Great play here!
      Court #3 once again had Caulk/Lore winning convincingly 7-4, thus clinching the championship for the Dunes Breakers!!

      The team wants to thank John and Lisa Preeg as their great inspirational leadership helped us stay focused each week.
      In addition, they were willing to work with each of us to help improve our game.
      We also want to thank the 3.0 and 3.5 men’s teams for your support, mentor-ship, and your willingness to help us all improve also.

      The Dunes is the best place in Naples for Tennis!


      - Scott Seling, Dunes Men's 2.5 Team Captain

  • Women's League Results

    • 3.5 Team

      - Captain, Sherry Burns

      3.0 Team
      2018 Record - 6 losses
      Next match is Wednesday, November 28th at 12:30 p.m. Vs. Quarry Allygators
      - Captain, Debby Cranfill

      3.0 Team

      2018 Record - 2 wins/4 losses
      Next match is Wednesday, November 28th at 12:30 p.m. Vs. Heritage Bay 
      - Captain, Cathie Skalrski 

      3.0 Team

      2018 Record - 2 wins/4 losses
      Next match is Wednesday, November 28th at 12:30 p.m. Vs. Village Walk Racq Pacq
      - Captain, Gail Pipito

      2.5 Team

      2018 Record - 2 wins/5 losses
      Next match is Tuesday, December 4th at 2 p.m. Vs. Fiddlers Creek Aces

      - Captain, Shari Seling


      - Captain,Gail Baryl & Cynthia Weston

  • Women's Tennis Roster
    • Dunes 3.5 Team

      Burns, Sherry
      Chouchani, Yasmina
      Daloia, Nancy
      Davis, Pamela
      Dorshorst, Becky
      Harris, Alice
      Johnson, Lorie
      Middleton, Lynn
      Murray, Kathleen
      Reza, Vicki
      Spencer, Julie

      Dunes Dare Doubles 3.0

      Anderson, Sandy (Captain)
      Dibuono, Taryn
      English, Patti
      Livengood, Marianne
      Reichenbach, Linda
      Roby, Betsy
      Seling, Shari
      Summer, Ann
      Tull, Doreen

      Dunes Smash Hits 3.0

      Bennett, Liz
      Borer, Maggie
      Cranfill, Debbie (Captain)
      McCoy, Joann
      O'Carroll, Trish
      Ownbey, Christie
      Racine, Suzanna
      Scharff, Mary
      Sklarski, Cathie (Captain)
      Smith, Vicki
      Wirth, Eileen

      Dunes DQ's 3.0

      Acosta, Connie
      Buff, Pam
      Chambers, Robin
      Dameron, Andi
      Dorshorst, Becky
      Fluharty, Coquette
      Hale, Barb
      Nichols, Grace
      Pipito, Gail (Captain)
      Schnakenburg, Darby

      Dunes Eagles 2.5

      Bock, Linda
      Dios, Elisabeth
      Labelle, Jana
      Lindars, Sandy (Captain)
      Ownbey, Christie
      Reichenbach, Linda
      Seling, Shari
      Tattersdill, Rona

  • Men's Tennis Roster
    • Men's 2.5

      Caulk, Bob
      Dios, Lars
      Genaro, Peter
      Lang, Larry
      Lindars, John
      Lore, bob
      Murray, Scott
      Reichenbach, Rick
      Schmotter, Jim
      Seling, Scott
      Wasser, Eric
      Wickerson, Lorne

      Men's 3.0

      Acosta, Ernie
      Burns, Mark
      Cranfill, Larry
      Dorshorst, Stephen
      Garon, Phil
      Hepworth, Tony
      Horowitz, Harvey
      Lang, Larry
      Macleod, Andy
      Metzing, Larry
      Scharff, Bob
      Schmitz, Wayne
      Seling, Scott

      Men's 3.5

      Anderson, Jim
      Dameron, Stan
      DiBuono, Dan
      Dorshorst, Stephen
      Fodell, Tom
      Ford, Joe
      Garon, Phil
      Herzog, Bert
      Orloff, David
      Pettit, Steve (Captain)
      Sullivan, Dennis
      Thompson, Rick
      Tull, Joe

      Zamler, Dave

  • Battle of the Buildings
    • Battle of the Buildings
      Week 1

      The first battle took place on Thursday, February 21, with Buildings 1 and 3 defeating Seagrove and Building 2. 
      Captain Steve Pettit and Robin Chambers arrived with a powerhouse team amid rumors that Building 3 was giving out complimentary condominiums to any extremely strong, underrated player willing to compete.

      One and three won the first six matches before Seagrove and Building 2 captained by Andi Dameron and Debbie Cranfill staged a valiant rally but fell short. 
      Larry Cranfill and John Daloia won a sudden death point to claim victory over Bob Scharf and Andy Macleod. 
      All, however, was not lost for Seagrove and Building 2.  They won best performance of a Queen song for their rendition of “We Will Rock You”, and Andi Dameron got the “Miss Congeniality” award.

      Next match is scheduled for Thursday, February 28 at 3:00, and pits Buildings 4 and 5 against Buildings 6 and 7. 
      Everyone is welcome no matter in what building you reside or if you play tennis or not. 
      Come out and join the camaraderie.

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