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  • Men's League Results
    • Tennis for the Week of March 12th

      Men's 3.5 Tennis

      The Dunes Men’s 3.5 team played their last match of the season on Monday March 12th at the Vineyards. The Dunes Men’s 3.5 team dodged the rain and withstood the wind to win all 4 courts over the Vineyards to end the season on a winning note! Stan Dameron and David Orloff won 6-4, 6-4 displaying consistency and great teamwork! Dan DiBuono and Jack Phillips won 6-1, 6-4 over their opponents with some great shots and volleys during the match. Steve Pettit and Joe Ford won 6-1, 6-1 with a variety of spin shots and slices that kept their Vineyards opponents off balance throughout the match.  Joe Tull and Bert Herzog won 6-1, 6-3 with some great consistency and teamwork. They seved the ball well throughout the entire match!  
      Thanks to all the Dunes Men’s 3.5 team members for their contributions and teamwork this winter season! 
       - Steve Pettit, Dunes Men’s 3.5 Team Captain 

      Men's 3.0 Tennis

      The Men's 3.0 Winter Tennis Team finished the season with a strong 3-1 victory  against Longshore Lake, and very narrowly missed the playoffs, despite tying for second place with a 7-2 record. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, playing at Longshore Lake, our court one team, Garon & Schmitz, got back on the winning track and solidly beat their opponents 1 & 2. On court 2, Burns & English, played an extremely competitive match against a younger team and lost 5 & 4.  As a result of injuries and some players not being available, we tried a new pairing on Court three, Dorshorst & Scharff, who played a long, tight match and finally prevailed 3 & 4. Our court 4 team, Cranfill & Horowitz had the easiest afternoon because Longshore Lake defaulted court 4.

      This victory ended a very successful Winter Tennis Season, which saw us tied for 2nd place with a solid 7-2 record.....along with Vanderbilt & Pelican Marsh > BUT during the season we lost more individual matches, so very, very narrowly missed the playoffs. > Vanderbilt (27-9) make the playoffs and join Heritage Bay, who finished the season undefeated. > Our individual matches ended 22-14, one behind Pelican Marsh (23-13).   Its disappointing that we didn't make the playoffs,  everyone gave 110% and we played some excellent tennis. 
      Most importantly, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and felt part of our Men's Tennis Team. This season the Team Tennis was the most competitive I can remember, with a lot of the matches in the division being decided by sets and/or games. I think this is great for the league. With the upcoming major construction project at The Dunes, no one knows about the status of our courts for the Fall League.  I'm here year round now, so I'll keep our team updated, and it's my intention to register a Fall Team, if we have somewhere to play.

      Look after yourselves and have a great summer.

        - Tony Hepworth 

      Men's 2.5 Tennis


  • Women's League Results
    • Tennis for the week oF March 26th

      The Dunes DQ's - 3.0 Team


      - Gail Pipito 

      Dunes Dare Doubles - 3.0 Teams


      - Dare Double's Captain, Sandy Anderson

      Dunes Smash Hits - 3.0 Team

      Wednesday, the Dunes Smash Hits went to playoffs at Pelican Marsh. We went into the playoffs in fourth place, and came out in fourth place.  We lost one match during the winter season and won the rest, out of 31 teams competing at the 3.0 level we were fourth, we do consider us a winning team!!!

      - Debbie Cranfill

      Dunes Eagles - 2.5 Team

      The women’s 2.5 Dunes Eagles came in second place in the Winter League CTA playoffs on March 20th held at Fiddler’s Creek. In the first round the Eagles beat the Quarry Fire team to advance to the final championship round. The Eagles played very hard but came up short against the undefeated Fiddler’s Creek Stilettos team.  
        - Diane Wagner

  • Women's Tennis Roster

    • Dunes Dare Doubles 3.0

      Anderson, Sandy (Captain)
      Dibuono, Taryn
      Dorshorst, Becky
      English, Patti
      Livengood, Marianne
      O'Callaghan, Anne T
      Summer, Ann
      Tull, Doreen
      Wagner, Diane

      Dunes Smash Hits 3.0

      Borer, Maggie
      Cranfill, Debbie (Captain)
      Duffner, Kay
      Harris, Alice
      Kritzman, Nancy
      McCoy, Joann
      O'Carroll, Trish
      Racine, Suzanna
      Rodriguez, Kelley
      Scharff, Mary
      Sklarski, Cathie (Captain)
      Wirth, Eileen

      Dunes DQ's 3.0

      Acosta, Connie
      Chambers, Robin
      Dameron, Andi
      Fluharty, Coquette
      Galvin, Roxanne
      Hale, Barb
      Hepworth, Peggy
      Nichols, Grace
      Pipito, Gail (Captain)
      Schnakenburg, Darby

      Dunes Eagles 2.5

      Dios, Elisabeth (Co-Captain)
      Erario, Maria
      Linders, Sandy
      Payne, Cynthe
      Ryan, Kristin
      Starr, Kay
      Tattersdill, Rona
      Taylor, Merry
      Wagner, Diane (Captain)

  • Men's Tennis Roster
    • Men's 3.0

      Acosta, Ernie
      Burns, Mark
      Cranfill, Larry
      Dorshorst, Stephen
      English, John
      Erario, Richard
      Garon, Phil
      Hepworth, Tony
      Horowitz, Harvey
      Macleod, Andy
      Metzing, Larry
      Scharff, Bob
      Schmitz, Wayne
      Young, Bill

      Men's 3.5

      Anderson, Jim (3.0 ALT)
      Burns, Mark (3.0 ALT)
      Coyle, Matt
      Dameron, Stan
      DiBuono, Dan
      Ford, Joe
      Garon, Phil (3.0 ALT)
      Herzog, Bert
      Orloff, David
      Pettit, Steve
      Phillips, Jack
      Schmitz, Wayne (3.0 ALT)
      Tull, Joe

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